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Help Indian children to a better life

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You can support a child for £20 a month or £240 a year, or you can rescue a runaway child from the railway station and send him home for £40.

For only £20 per month or £240 per year, you can provide a full time boarding school education for a child near Bhubaneswar in Odisha (formerly Orissa), India who will otherwise be condemned to leprosy, sexworking, begging or whatever other form of destitution they were born into. And, our partners in India also rescue runaway children from the main railway station in Odisha and send them home.

Every penny you give goes to assist the children in Odisha!

Who are we? What do we do?

Friends of the Children of Orissa are a small charity which was set up in 1992 to assist Palli Unnayan Seva Samiti (PUSS) in Orissa, who are still our main partner. In July 2012 we started a new project to support the work of the Society for Children (SOCH) who rescue runaway children from the railways (see SOCH Runaway Project below).

For twenty years we have been supporting the children at the PUSS residential school near Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa, India's poorest state. There are now some 400 girls at the school; they have come from a variety of disadvantaged backgrounds. Some are children of sex workers, or of beggars, some are from leprosy colonies, and some were abandoned as babies. They get a good education and loving care at the PUSS school, and when they leave school they go on to further education, to formal employment and to other worthwhile occupations. We raise the funds for this through this website, through 'word of mouth' publicity, through fund-raising events, an annual classical music recital, and a variety of other means.

Our supporters include friends from Cranfield School of Management, from Filgrave near Milton Keynes, and from many other places in the UK and abroad.

Unlike many other 'big name' charities, we have no administration, transport, office or fund raising costs, in the UK or in India. Committee members and other supporters visit Odisha regularly on other work, and other expenses are covered by in-kind donations.



We produce a newsletter several times a year, which we mail or e-mail to our supporters. These newsletters, as well as other background information and dates of forthcoming events, are also published on this website. You can find a complete list of all our newsletters in the sidebar on your left. Our newsletters provide a detailed history of our work and achievments with PUSS and SOCH over the past 18 years, as well as the personal stories of the children at PUSS and those rescued by SOCH and re-united with their families.

SOCH Runaway Project

Society for Children (SOCH) was started in 2012 to help runaway and lost children who end up on railway stations in Odisha to be reunited with their families or otherwise to find a secure home. Itís founder, Manoj Kumar, had earlier worked for a Bangalore-based institution which does the same work elsewhere in India, and he started SOCH, with our support, in order to extend the same assistance to children in his home state of Odisha. You can read the story of one runaway child below, and more stories in our current newsletter.

soch team

The SOCH Puri rescue team at their shelter

Runaway children saved from being a potential street beggars or worse...

Kim (not his real name), a 10-year-old boy, was spotted begging on 7th Aug, 2012 on the footbridge of Bhubaneswar railway station. When we asked him about his family background, Kim explained that his parents lived nearby and had sent him out to beg. As these cases are very common here and such children don't readily accept help, our staff left the child alone.
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You can read more Newsletters by clicking any of the links in the menu above. They go back to 1999. We hope this will give you some background about the school and its pupils, and that it will encourage you to support us in any way you can.

Every penny we raise goes to assist the children in Odisha.

Secure Online Donations

We accept donations online to our charity through CAF, the Charities Aid Foundation Charities ( If you are a UK taxpayer then 25% is automatically added to your donation. For more details, see our secure online donations page and please donate what you can.

You can see how the money is spent by reading our Newsletters

Palli Unnayan Seva Samiti (PUSS) - Our main partner in India

PUSS is a small voluntary organisation which since 1984 has been helping the poorer communities in a group of villages near Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, one of the poorest states of India.


In 1992 Kadambini Bhuyan, the remarkable woman who started PUSS, decided to do something for even more disadvantaged girl children from other places nearby. She identified 20 little girls from a sexworkers' colony in Odisha, whose mothers were anxious to save them from the same life that they had to lead.

PUSS set up a small boarding section for these girls but they needed a regular source of money to support them. Professors Gerry Johnson and Malcolm Harper of Cranfield School of Management, who had been teaching at the Xavier School of Management in Bhubaneswar at that time, decided to start Friends of the Children of Orissa.

Since then the number of children has risen to four hundred and now also includes a small number of little boys whose parents are migrant labourers. Kadambini died in 2008 and PUSS is now ably managed by her successor.

In addition to donations from individuals, we have also received a National Lottery grant to construct a new school building, a grant from the Artisan Trust to develop the handicraft activities which are part of the curriculum and also raise some money for the school. In addition, we have received other generous grants from foundations, companies and others for new classrooms and dormitories, a computer laboratory and other less glamorous investments such as new bore wells, a water purification plant and septic tanks. You can read more about the National Lottery Grant we received on our About Us page.

We need your continued support to enable PUSS to accommodate, feed and educate these children, and to continue and expand the SOCH runaway railway children project!

Watch the Friends of the Children of Orissa video clip and learn more about the work we do and the children we help. Please note: this 8.5 minute video is narrated at various stages, it is an edited version that provides a summary of the scale and workings of the P.U.S.S. organisation.

What can you do?

The number of children we can assist is limited only by the amount of money we can raise.

  • Make a Secure Online Donation, see our Simple Guide.
  • Make a regular donation: fill in the Standing Order Form.
  • Make a one-off donation: enclose your cheque, payable to Friends of the Children of Orissa.
  • If you are a UK tax payer: fill in the Gift Aid Form, if you are a UK tax payer and if you pay income tax and/or capital gains tax of an amount equal to or greater than the tax to be reclaimed by charities to whom you have made payments under gift aid in any tax year.

Gift aid declarations can only be made by individual tax payers, but cheques may be drawn on joint back accounts (but not company bank accounts).

Are you a US Taxpayer?

If you are a US taxpayer, you can claim an IRS deduction by sending your donation to Center for Community Economic Development (CCED) Inc., a 501C3 run by friends in the United States. Send your check to Bill Rusforth, Book-keeper, CCED Inc., 9 Beaumonde Drive, North Hampton, NH 03862, USA with a note saying "please transfer this sum to Friends of the Children of Orissa in the UK.' CCED's US Tax number ID is 020508966, and its President is William Maddocks, phone number: 508-574-3285, e-mail

Giftaid makes a big difference; £20 per month (that is £240.00 per year), for instance, paid under Giftaid is worth significantly more to the Charity when we have reclaimed tax at 25% in the pound. So for every four children supported by our Friends, the Inland Revenue will effectively support an extra child.

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