Friends Of The Children Of Orissa: help support and educate a child.

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We help the helpers who help the children

We are a Registered Charity, No. 1074935 which helps those who care for and educate the children at PUSS in Odisha, India and the work of SOCH, which rescues runaway children from the railways of India.

Every penny we raise goes to the children! When visitors and committee members who visit Orissa regularly do so, they do so on other work and no funds are used for this purpose.

Palli Unnayan Seva Samiti (PUSS) and Society for Children (SOCH)
— our main partners in India

In 1992 Kadambini Bhuyan, the remarkable woman who started PUSS, decided to do something for even more disadvantaged girl children from other places nearby. She identified 20 little girls from a sexworkers' colony in Orissa, whose mothers were anxious to save them from the same life that they had to lead.

PUSS set up a small boarding section for these girls but they needed a regular source of money to support them. Professors Gerry Johnson and Malcolm Harper of Cranfield School of Management, who had been teaching in Bhubaneswar at that time, decided to start Friends of the Children of Orissa. Since then the number of children has risen to almost four hundred and now also includes a small number of little boys whose parents are migrant labourers. Kadambini died in 2008 and PUSS is now ably managed by her successor.

SOCH was started in 2012 to help runaway and lost children who end up on railway stations in Odisha to be reunited with their families or otherwise to find a secure home. Itís founder, Manoj Kumar, had earlier worked for a Bangalore-based institution which does the same work elsewhere in India, and he started SOCH, with our support, in order to extend the same assistance to children in his home state of Odisha. You can read the story of one runaway child below, and more stories in our current newsletter.

National Lottery grant

We have raised enough money to support these 200 children in the past and we also got a National Lottery grant of £8,000 to enable PUSS to accommodate the children properly in a dedicated boarding school. But there are several thousand little girls in Orissa living on the streets, in railway stations and in leprosy and sexworker colonies. The 1999 cyclone made things worse and the number of children we can assist is limited only by the amount of money we can raise.

If more money was available to Charity organisations such as ours we could significantly improve the local education system with residential / boarding and day schools

We need your continued support to enable PUSS to accommodate, feed and give these children a school education

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