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Runaway child saved from being a potential street beggar...

Kim begging

Kim begging

Kim (not his real name), a 10-year-old boy, was spotted begging on 7th Aug, 2012 on the footbridge of Bhubaneswar railway station. When we asked him about his family background, Kim explained that his parents lived nearby and had sent him out to beg. As these cases are very common here and such children don't readily accept help, our staff left the child alone.

After three hours, Kim was seen again on the station platform, somewhat confused. Our staff again started talking to him. Kim then told the true story; he had run away from home three days before, and as he was very hungry, he had started begging. Through careful counselling our staff gained the little boy's confidence and Kim agreed to come to our shelter. As the child was very hungry, he was given a meal as soon as he got to the shelter, and he was then allowed to rest.

Kim received further counselling at our shelter about his runaway problem. He related that his parents work in Gujarat (an Indian state quite far from Odisha) and that he had been living with his uncle, aunt and grandmother in Patia (on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar). Three days before his grandmother had beaten him and this had made him run away. (Later it transpired that he had run away one day before).

Taking Kim's details

Taking Kim's details

Kim had studied up to the 2nd class and dropped out of school two years before. Before he ran away, he had been working in a hotel for previous three months. Kim is a very active and intelligent boy and interested in studying to improve himself.

On the Way Home

On the Way Home

Although he did not have any contact number, he was confident about finding his way back to his home. On the same evening, our staff accompanied Kim to his home, which is in Patia, some 10 minutes away by train, and the next station from Bhubaneswar railway station. When Kim and our staff arrived at the family home, the child's grandmother and other family members were very happy to see him, as they had been very worried during his absence. His grandmother expressed her sincere regret for beating the child and was deeply grateful to us for reuniting Niranjan with his family. The little boy was reunited with his family on 7th Aug, 2012.

Kim's uncle is planning to readmit the child to school very soon. Our staff plan to follow up Kim's situation after 15 days and are ready to extend further support to assist the family in getting the child back into school.

Kim sitting with his uncle, aunt, grandparents and other family members

Kim sitting with his uncle, aunt, grandparents and other family members.

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